Nanowrimo Winner 2010!!

Yep, I actually did it! 50,000 words in November! Very very happy with it, and not only that, but I finished the novel, it’s come in at 57,000 words, which is a little shorter than planned, so a lot of editing and reworking needed, but I’m going to edit the first book and get it published while I work on editing the sequel! Very excited, 2011 is going to be the year of publishing for me, I will be unstoppable! and who knows, I may even get a few people to start reading my blog!


Nanowrimo here I come!!


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Well, it’s that time of year again, and I have decided to give Nano another go, didn’t manage to make it last year, so we shall see! I’ve decided to do a sequel to my first full length novel, so I’ve actually outlined a plot, which is very unlike me! and now I’m just itching to start typing! Come on November 1st!!

Check out Nanowrimo here – I can personally recommend the book by Chris Baty – it’s brilliant!!

I’m still alive! (Not that anyone would notice!!)

I’m still here! Still writing, just about, got two badly strained wrists, old RSI injuries from writing my first novel in two months last year!! Whoever said being an author wasnt a dangerous occupation??!

I finished the second novel at 40 thousand words, so when I edit I’ll have to fit another 10 thousand words in, which shouldnt be too difficult! I started a third book, but am only 4000 words into that one so far…it’s going well though,,,, i think

no idea how i changed the font above, oh well, it’ll have to stay like that!!

well, just a little update today, the pain and lack of readers is making me think its not worth whittling on for ages!1

I will get there!

Well, the word count is over 31,000 now, and already the story is taking twist and turns that I hadn’t anticipated, so lets hope I get to a satisfying conclusion in the end! I’m a little worried about the length at the moment, it needs at the very least, another 20,000 words to make it to novel length, so there may be more surprises to come yet 🙂

Double checked with my nan, and she was fine with me borrowing her first and second name for one of the main characters. When I asked, she said it was fine as long as it was a nice character lol

If anyone ever reads this blog, I might actually start posting snippets of my book, but until then, I’ll just keep writing!

A productive day of writing!

The wordcount is now up to 24,853, after writing at least 2,500 words today. The main problem I’m having is that I know where the story is going, and I prefer to not have a clue! I’m sure there will be many unplanned twists and turns yet, but at the moment it seems a little too predictable to me, which makes me wonder if that means it will be too predictable to the reader too. Hopefully not! I guess I won’t know until I get it finished I suppose!

Write or Die!

Jut found this site on a random search of the blogs, and I love it! I just wrote 540 words in 17 minutes! The Motivation?? When you pause for longer than a few seconds, your words start to be erased!! Fastest bit of writing I’ve ever done, and and so you can see the fruits of it, I have pasted the very short piece here. The goldfish part was a theme given by a writing group that I have only attended once so far, but intend on attending tonight! I wonder what they will think of it, let me know what you think of it!

  The goldfish was swimming round and round, making Susie feel quite sick as she watched. Her stomach was already roiling at the idea of what she was about to face, and the constant circular motion of the brightly coloured fish wasn’t really helping matters.

 She wondered if the fish had any ability to think whatsoever. What would it be like, she wondered, to just swim around, constantly seeing things anew? Would it just be a round of oooh, there’s a rock, oooh there’s a shipwreck, oooh there’s a weed, ooh there’s a rock, etc? Or do those things not even register at all? Are they just shapes, colours of simply blurs? It would be interesting to see the world from another’s perspective. To see the world the way a dog does, or the way a horse or cow or tarantula does. Instead of just seeing it from the same perspective, through the same set of eyes, with the same thoughts, the same patterns of ideas. Susie would have given anything in that moment to have been in another’s shoes. She would even have changed places with the goldfish if she could have, surely having a three second attention span had to be better than the constant torture of the thoughts that swirled around like toxic fumes in her overtaxed brain.

 A creaking noise to her left made her look up suddenly; her heart thudded in her chest and she held her breath, waiting to see if the door was about to open, and her worst nightmare about to unfold. When a cat pushed its way through into the room she let out her breath in a rush, her heart thudding against her ribcage in relief. She was spared, if only for a moment. She watched as the cat eyed up the goldfish, swimming in its seemingly aimless circles, and wondered what the world looked like to the tabby. Did it see the fish as a fish? Or merely as food? Or even just as a moving target with which to play with? Susie didn’t fancy the fishes chances much, and as she watched the narrowed concentration of the cat, she was suddenly glad that she had not changed places with the fish, at least the horror that she faced would scar her more emotionally than physically.

 The cat continued its death stare, silently following the fish, its tail swishing in anticipation. The poor fish swam on regardless, completely oblivious to its fate, making Susie suddenly wish that she could be the same, oblivious, happy, content. It would be better than this. It would be better than sitting here, white knuckles gripping onto the edge of the chair, sweat trickling slowly down the side of her face, her heart jumping at small noises.

 Before her own ears picked up on it, the cats ears pricked backwards, towards the door. Silently, without moving a muscle, Susie slid her gaze across from the fishbowl to the door. Within moments, she thought she heard a footstep. Her breath now caught in her lungs, she sat rigidly as the door creaked open, so slowly that it seemed to be taunting her. An outline of a person stood silhouetted against the gleaming bright light beyond.

 “Susie Wilkinson? Please come this way…”

A new dawn…

Well, the time of wasting time on the internet is over! I now vow to spend my time online more wisely, and thus, I have yet again resurrected my blog! I have started a craft blog for all my creative endeavours, and so have decided to use this blog for my writing adventures. I am currently writing my second novel, while trying to get the attention of a publisher or agent with my first novel. The business of submissions is ridiculously lengthy and somewhat tedious at times, and at the moment I am being greatly hindered by a printer that won’t accept a new black ink cartridge!  I’ve done several email submissions so far, which I personally think are much better due to the fact they don’t waste paper, there’s no postage costs and usually ( though not always!) the response times are a little speedier than snail mail. I don’t know how many rejections I’ve racked up so far (I haven’t counted) but it doesn’t seem to matter how many people say no, as long as I continue to find more people who may potentially say yes. There are so many great publishers and agents out there who just don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts, or don’t accept the genre I have written in, which is somewhere between fantasy, spiritual and science fiction.

Well, I had better return to my list of things to do today, so that I might have time then to continue the hunt for an agent, or even, to write some more of my second novel!

I’ve been converted…

Well, I’ve just come across WordPress blogging, (yes, I know, I’m a little slow on the uptake here!) and I think it’s much better than – at least here people can search for words related to your blog and actually find you… I like the idea of random people reading my ramblings! Whereas on blogger, there wasn’t such a feature….unless I missed somthing! So I have transferred my meagre few posts over to here, and plan on blogging much more regularly in the future 🙂